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Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Varnish Remover Review

Just a very quick review I thought to post. I have been loving this product for a couple of months now and was pleasantly surprised by its performance.  A one second nail varnish remover seemed highly unlikely and I was extremely skeptical. However, since purchasing this around Easter, I have found it absolutely amazing. It does exactly as it says, it removes even glittery nail varnish quickly, it is portable, there is no need for cotton wool and it smells amazing (I think it is raspberry and vanilla).  Particularly if you are going on holiday this summer, I would highly recommend it. 
To use, simply put your nail/finger in the spinge and twist it for probably 3 seconds (to be completely honest, with one coat of nail varnish, 1 second would do it) and voilĂ ! 
Apparently, the stuff was used by models at London Fashion Week and with the speed and ease, I'm not surprised. Although it could just me diet related, my nails have also been looking healthier and shorter since using t…

Rimmel 'Brow This Way' Review and Before and After Swatches

Hello everyone! 
Today I thought I would review a product that I bought yesterday because I have heard mixed reviews about it. I was excited to try this product, I generally don't fill in my eyebrows because I naturally have blonde hair and dark eyebrows. However, I have been using the Maybelline transparent brow gel for a couple of months and have been really enjoying it so decided to give a coloured option a go. So, yesterday I picked up the Rimmel Brow This Way in the colour Dark Brown.   The applicator is different to Maybelline's spherical spoolie, looking more like a mascara wand. Although I found it slightly harder to apply, there wasn't a drastic difference and despite being a beginner to eyebrows, I found it easy to make both even and natural  
I do have to apologise for the state of my make up, hair etc. I took the photos 13 hours after initially applying my make up (I had only just applied the Brow This Way). Also, this was my first time applying the product so…

NEW Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Review and Swatches

Oh mi oh my!
Well this is exciting stuff! I have been a massive fan of the original Benefit Push Up Liner and think it makes the application of gel eyeliner so much faster and easier. So, when I checked my emails the other morning to see the new coloured collection had been released, I was too excited for something as meaningless as eyeliner.

I have the shade Beyond Purple as I have green eyes and the two colours are well known to compliment each other. I don't know if my black eyeliner has dried up slightly to give this effect but I  have found that the formula is easier to apply to the eyelid than my original Push Up Liner (which I also love!)
The tip of the eyeliner is flexible but doesn't bend too much and makes application easier than using a brush or felt tip eyeliner and achieving the seemingly impossible even eyeliner flick is far easier and so fast - in fact I had to leave the house ASAP when my eyeliner arrived so I definitely had to test the ease and speed of using …