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Getting Fit Easily on a Budget

There's no quick fix to getting fit and healthy, but that doesn't mean that it can't be done easily on a budget. I thought I would write this blog post to give a helping hand to those who don't want to spend £50 per month on a gym membership or £100 on a pair of leggings but still want to find a sustainable way to stay healthy.

Create a list of things that you will need.
This will obviously depend on how you plan to exercise. In my mind, however, whether it be running, dancing, Pilates or anything similar, I would say that my essential items are as follows:
Trainers -  you don't need to spend a fortune on these, don't worry. One of my biggest tips in this entire blog post is to make Decathlon your new best friend. For under £30 you'll be able to find a decent pair of trainers; don't buy something specialised at first, you always have the opportunity to buy something specific if your regime goes well. Vests / t-shirts. - personally, I prefer to wear tight…