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Creeps on a Train

This is not a misandristic hate article. Don't mistake it because I know some people on the Internet are idiots and will. Men and women are equal and therefore neither is the 'better' gender. 
Today something quite distressing happened. I had my first day of no school work/work work for a while and decided to brave Christmas shopping and finally got to see the new Hunger Games film with the lovely Amy (who you've seen on my YouTube channel in a couple of videos). That wasn't distressing, although my feet are quite sore.No, the incident happened on the way back home on the 20 minute train journey when 4 (hopefully drunk) middle aged men (by which I am assuming that the average lifespan is around 100-120 years) decided it was their duty to begin a delightful conversation, beginning with a loud, slurred "ave you ad a good day girls? Done some shopping? Bought anything sexy?" These men were definitely older than my dad and could quite easily have been my grand…