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What I Got For My 16th Birthday (with pictures)

So this post was going to be in video format and then hey ho, my throat went funny and when I solved this, my camera battery was flat!
I apologise for the sporadic posts, I have been very very busy recently!
Nonetheless, yesterday I turned 16 (such a big number oh my word!) and thought that I would share with you a few presents that I got (although thanks to online shopping not arriving, some haven't come yet haha). I thought that this amount of presents would make a tolerable post as I got my main present (my iPad, which makes a common appearance in videos) back in August and many people gave me money or vouchers.

Quick disclaimer: I am not bragging about the presents I received, I am overwhelmingly grateful for anybody that bought me a present/ money, gave me a card or said 'happy birthday'. I know many people are not as lucky as my family to be in a comfortable financial state but I'm simply posting this as I love reading/ watching these! 
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