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Avon Magix Face Perfector

This product is one of few that I have used for a very long time. Whenever I try a new product, I just end up returning to it as I can safely say it is the best of its kind I have ever used.
The product claims to: -Target Pores: reduce the look of pores and banish shine for up to 10 hours -Smooth Skin: velvety soft formula visibly smooths fine lines -Illuminate Skin: with exclusive Optic Light Diffusing Technology -2 Ways to Wear - alone or under foundation for extra coverage.
This product is brilliant for all skin types as far as I can tell (over the time I have used it, my skin has gone from oily to dry to sensitive) and it can be used on any skin tone as it is colourless. For me, this product is brilliant as it reduces shine, blurs and evens skin tone (it works brilliantly on my freckles). It leaves your skin feeling velvety and smooth but still is very lightweight, I really love how when I put this on and then blend in concealer it is so effortless.  Generally, I use this as a pri…

Hairspray for Fringes - VO5 Ultimate Hold vs. Bed Head Masterpiece

This post is on yet another somewhat mundane issue - hairspray. There are so many brands to chose from and so many prices too! After going on holiday and forgetting hairspray (I have a fringe so use it daily to stop it looking funny) I picked up some VO5 Ultimate Hold as my usual Bed Head Masterpiece is quite pricey. So I thought I would put them to the test in a battle of skinted vs. minted.

Value for money: The Bed Head Masterpiece is considerably more at RRP £14.95 and has 60 ml less product than the Ultimate Hold (£3.29). However, one can of Masterpiece has now lasted me four months as you hardly have to use any. Also, it is much cheaper online at around £7.00. When I use the VO5 hairspray, I find I have to use a lot more for the same hold which makes the hair look like straw. However, you could buy many more cans of the VO5 for the price. 

Hold: The Bed Head is brilliant. It keeps my fringe in place even when I walk to school in the wind and unless the weather is appalling, my hair…

Impulse Reunion!!!

I think every girl had a can (or twenty) of Impulse when they were in primary school. And, if you are like me, it was probably the beginning of your 'I'm growing up and wearing perfume like Mummy' and also the beginning of obsessions over nice smells and morning beauty routines.

So when I received an Impulse gift set for Christmas, I was dubious at first. I thought my days of £1.99 body sprays that I had picked because of the pretty packaging and girl bands on the adverts were over. However, it seems that you can never grow out of Impulse.

Firstly, I'd just like to point some things out about Impulse that are not appreciated when initially used:
1) It's £1.99. And smells brilliant. Need I say more? You shall no longer feel guilty for spending excessive amount on perfume. AND you can buy many.
2) You can slot it in your handbag/school bag.
3) This sounds strange but it never breaks. Sometimes the aerosol breaks on products similar but Impulse has never failed me.

The Body Shop - Pink Grapefruit

Who doesn't love The Body Shop? I love going in and smelling all of the products. The staff are friendly and helpful and even their range of make - up is super pigmented and their brushes are sooo soft.

Probably one of my favourite scents is pink grapefruit. I find it refreshing and not too sweet as some scents give me a headache. As I have quite a few products, I thought I would write a little review to tell you what I thought.

 Clockwise from back left: Body Sorbet (moisturiser), Shower Gel, Body Mist, Eau de Toilette, Body Scrub - Gelee,

First of all, all of the products smell great and as with all Body Shop products, the scent is strong but not overpowering.

Body Sorbet - I know the picture isn't the most attractive but I thought I would show the consistency. I have never tried the sorbets before - I have plenty of the butters which are amazing but take a while to soak in. The sorbets are a lighter version I suppose. They soak in almost immediately leaving your skin feelin…

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot - Box o' Blushes Review

Benefit make - up is some of the best there is. Their products tend to do what they claim and I own quite a few of them.
However, Benefit costs a little more than average drugstore products, with most of their products £15 +. Yet, one thing Benefit do well is amazing, value for money gift sets. The Box o' Blushes is one.

Firstly, the packaging is gorgeous. The tin the blushes come in is so cute and could be left out when you aren't using it. The downside is that it you cannot remove each product from the tin so it may be a little excessive if travelling. 

The set features six of Benefit's best selling box o' powders (clockwise: Dandelion, Bella Bamba, Sugarbomb, Hoola, Coralista and Rockateur) as well as a brush and the Watt's Up! highlighter. Unfortunately, my photography doesn't do the products justice but the colours are beautiful! I did try to swatch them but it was difficult to show their true colours. 
Dandelion - for people with pale skin like me, this i…



I've decided to start writing a beauty - lifestyle type blog. I'll be putting all sorts of reviews and ideas on here I suppose. My other blog is more of a diary type thing and somewhere where I vent a little bit, so if you enjoy rants, there you go.

Just to say, these are my opinions on products, I'm certainly not an expert on these things but I'll give my honest opinion on what works for me.

I know not many people will actually read this but it's something that makes me happy and it's the sort of thing I enjoy looking at online. 
Any suggestions for this blog?  Email me:
Lots of love  Elle xxx