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Worth the hype? NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

If you haven't heard of this product, can you really call yourself a beauty junkie? NYX has been a mythical brand sworn by by bloggers across the pond now for years - with only those Brits inquisitive enough to order online sampling some of the joys. 
HOWEVER, recently, Boots introduced NYX to some stores across the UK and on my trip to Meadowhall this morning, I was greeted by a sprawling NYX stand. Internally, I was crying. I didn't have the time nor the dedicated money to spend as I was only passing through to buy sun cream; nonetheless I couldn't resist picking up one of the much boasted Soft Matte Lip Creams to try out. 
Although I was incredibly excited (my life is thrilling indeed) I won't lie, I was expecting to be disappointed. Often, products can be overhyped online and in reality, they aren't as great as you expected... Unfortunately for my bank account, I'll probably be purchasing more of these. 
I picked up the shade Sydney as I hadn't really seen…



Life Update/ Summer Plans

First things first immarealist....

Hello again!

The sudden surge of activity on here and my YouTube channel may surprise you - for those that have stuck around, thank you for being patient and for those that are new (I've been using my fancy Google statistics thing) welcome! I hope you enjoy reading through this blog and watching my videos as much as I like making them, this is a place where I really like to de-stress and have fun!

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Wow, it's raining hard outside. Welcome to the Great British summer!


I thought I would give you a little update on why I've been away and just let you know the stuff that's been going on in Elle world!

The biggest thing has been my GCSEs. That was stressful. I had 19 exams spread over a month(ish) bec…

Talking Anxiety With Amy

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Love you lots like jelly tots  Elle xxx

Talking Anxiety with Amy

Hello again
Today Amy and I filmed a few videos and the first one will be up in (hopefully) 45 minutes (around 10:30) here
We answered questions about anxiety and gave some tips, let me know what you think, this video really means a lot to me, if you haven't read my post on anxiety already, you can read it here:
Have a wonderful day,
Elle xxx
Instagram: elle_rose99

Anxiety video

You may remember around October I paired up with my good friend Amy and filmed a couple of videos - one being about LGBT in which we answered your questions/ spoke about your suggested topics (it's this one if you're confuzzled
After receiving some great feedback and some amazing questions, we decided to film another about anxiety/ panic attacks.  Again, we aren't professionals but we just thought we'd raise awareness, help people to deal with their anxiety and talk about it because mental health is something not spoken about enough and it's something that both of us have experience with. 
If you have any questions to submit/ topics you think we should cover then either email me at, leave a comment or if you know Amy or I, contact us through our social media. If you leave a comment on the LGBT video with suggestions/ questions, I'll also be able to include them. Please note that although the suggestions…

Sentimental Quotey Stuff

I won't begin to apologise for my prolonged absence, I'll do a life update in a few weeks (*makes note to self to actually do that*) but whilst I'm incredibly tired and incapable of doing revision currently, I figured I'd write this. 
In one of my mother's bedroom drawers, she has a Big Issue from 2007, one that commemorated the death of Anita Roddick, a really cool person that you should research. Anyway, every time my mum looks through the drawer, she always wants to throw it away, however, there are a few pages with quotes that she really enjoys. 
I should point out neither myself or my family are massively sentimental, we aren't the people that have framed quotes all over the walls or cardboard bookmarks and magnets with cringe-worthy sayings that have been typed in Comic Sans over a picture of flowers or seashells - you know the ones, "friends are the family we choose for ourselves" and that stuff. 
Back to the point. 
There are some times in my life…