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Life Update/ Summer Plans

First things first immarealist....

Hello again!

The sudden surge of activity on here and my YouTube channel may surprise you - for those that have stuck around, thank you for being patient and for those that are new (I've been using my fancy Google statistics thing) welcome! I hope you enjoy reading through this blog and watching my videos as much as I like making them, this is a place where I really like to de-stress and have fun!

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Wow, it's raining hard outside. Welcome to the Great British summer!


I thought I would give you a little update on why I've been away and just let you know the stuff that's been going on in Elle world!

The biggest thing has been my GCSEs. That was stressful. I had 19 exams spread over a month(ish) because my school year did all of our GCSEs at the end of three years rather than spreading them out. The first few were incredibly chaotic, we had 7 before we we left school for study leave so I had to balance schoolwork and then revision which wasn't the easiest thing in the world and unfortunately, as a result, I'm not too confident will how well I have done on those initial exams; nonetheless, I'm trying to stay positive, I can't change the results now and I know I worked incredibly hard. Plus, I guess I have to remember that GCSEs are literally some letters on a piece of paper and after I've completed university and even A Levels, they'll be pretty meaningless.

I've always put a lot of pressure on myself academically so I knew the exam period would be tough, and, it was kind of hellish, however, I don't think anything has been too terrible and I've had an amazing network of people around me to support me (shoutout to Amy for nightly pep talks) so although I am ecstatic it's all over, it didn't kill me. I'm just still very tired!

My last day (before leaving for study leave) was pretty great. Firstly, we had our maths exam and then we collected our yearbooks and had an assembly in which there were awards and videos and some really memorable moments; everybody really enjoyed it. Following, we went to the park across the road and then ate lunch before returning home and revising!(or at least I did)

Mini shout out to all the people that tweeted about exams afterwards - some of the memes made my day, particularly after a bad exam.

To anybody else that has had their exams, hope they went well, good luck in August but remember (as I will try to) it isn't the end of the world if they don't go to plan.

So, here I am with this expanse of 11 (!) weeks to fill. How?

My first four weeks will be filled with NCS (which is quite difficult to explain so just look here: which I am looking forward to but I'm also really nervous, I can be really shy and I'm a little worried the other teenagers won't like me too much or will already have friends on the course with them, however, I think the experience will be good for me to grow as a person.

In the middle of that - PROM!!! I'm pretty excited for this. I've booked my make up at a local salon as despite 3 of us phoning MAC all day on the first day you could book, by the time we got through, they were fully booked. I'm not sour at all though....
I decided to do my own hair as I'll probably just curl it so not too much expertise needed there *fingers crossed*.
My dress was the first thing I sorted, it's from Coast and is cream and purple and lacy (I should be a fashion blogger, I know) and has been sat in my wardrobe since my trip to Chester during February half term. I recently bought my bag from Accesorise and my shoes from Marks and Spencers (I'll probably do a post prom blog post)
Currently, I believe I will be travelling with my boyfriend and his friend and girlfriend before joining my friends at the venue - I'd really love to have a fantastic night, particularly with the people that will be leaving to go to college and do apprenticeships rather than staying for A Levels.

Lots of stuff on here! I uploaded a video yesterday and I have two more to upload with Amy plus I'll be filming a load more soon and posting more articles on here which should be fun :)

Working. I work as a waitress in a local coffee shop so I'll definitely be picking up some extra shifts to keep me busy and fund my makeup addiction (plus I'm 17 in October so need to start funding car stuff...ergh)

Reading! I haven't done enough reading for pleasure recently as I have been so tired at night I just wanted to sleep. Already I've read a load and bought lots of books so I'm really looking forward to get stuck in. I'd also like to continue to write more in my own time (on this blog and out) as I've just not had the chance to over the past few months. 

Catching up on TV and films and things - I've missed a lot of series and a lot of cinema trips. I fully intend to binge watch iPlayer and Amazon Instant Video... send me suggestions please

Spending time with my friends and family. They really deserve all my attention, after all the support they've given me and after the lack of time I have devoted to them over the past year due to exams and schoolwork, it only seems right that I spent plenty of time with them throughout these weeks. 

Walk the dog. A lot. I love my dog and I couldn't imagine life without him. More than anything I enjoy wandering along country lanes and watching him splash through puddles and pick up sticks, his tail wagging so ferociously it makes you dizzy to watch. 

And plenty more.... 

Comment/ send me any suggestions for videos and blog posts :) 

See you soon 
Elle xx
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