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2016 Beauty Favourites


I thought I would compile a little collection of the beauty things that I haven't mentioned on here at all this year but I have become absolutely addicted to throughout the year (although most of these are from rather recently, particularly as I received the M&S Beauty Advent Calendar which was fantastic value for money.  I apologise for the poor picture quality - I always end up taking pictures in the dark because I'm clever 
Collab Dry Shampoo - despite the world's love affair with Batiste, I have never really liked it and its white, powdery mess; I am a fan of the Bed Head dry shampoo but at around £11 a can, it's a pricey affair. However, this year, I discovered this wonderful product that actually works and never builds up in your hair - plus, I buy it for around £1.99. I might do a similar post but for hair care in the New Year so keep an eye out for that. 
Formula Beauty (M&S) Ultimate Sleep Cream - this was a beauty advent calendar discovery that di…

2016 in Review

Before I start I wanted to thank all my readers for their support this year - I hope you had a lovely Christmas yesterday if you celebrate the occasion and if not I hope you're just having a great week.

I was drying my hair the other day and began to reflect on 2016  (my hair is very thick - I have a long time to think) eventually coming to the conclusion it has been one of the biggest years of my life so far.

I might make another post about exams because although they did dominate a lot of my year, I don't want to make this all about that period... I probably should try and forget it.
I learnt a lot in the academic year 2015/16. I remember in 2013 in Spanish writing my examination year (2016) at the top of my coursework and thinking the time would never come, and, to an extent even in Year 11, I didn't really take it in that GCSEs were happening, it was all a bit surreal. Perhaps a good comparison would be Christmas when you were little. You build it up all year an…

What I Got For My 17th Birthday (with pictures)

This time last year, I wrote a post all about my 16th birthday and the gifts I kindly received, which people seemed to like, particularly for gift inspiration in the run up to Christmas! This year, I thought I'd do the same, although like most 17 year olds, most of my presents were money towards driving lessons/ insurance/ all the other wonderful car stuff to think about.

Again, same disclaimer from last year's: I am not bragging about the presents I received, I am overwhelmingly grateful for anybody that bought me a present/ money, gave me a card or said 'happy birthday' - I had a fantastic birthday this year even if it was a little scary to be turning 17! Where have the years gone? 

I've not categorised things this year as it would've been slightly harder but I've separated the items I wanted to talk a little more about and then thrown the self explanatory items at the bottom.... enjoy!

Holographic creepers and Models Own nail varnish I don't normally s…

You're probably a feminist

About a year ago I did a speech as part of my GCSE English course. It was about misandry (hating men) and how misandry was often labelled with the brand 'feminism' therefore leading to a negative view (and general misinterpretation) of feminism in the eyes of many; consequently making a laughing stock of anybody that was bold enough to call themselves a 'feminist'. 
The fact of the matter is that feminism is as much for men as it is for women, regardless of what 'Tumblr feminists' might tell you. Feminism means equality and making women equal to men is by definition the same as making men equal to women. So frankly you could call it meninism if you really wanted but that might be a little silly.
I know many have said "well I want equality but I'm not a feminist" (Kim Kardashian I'm looking at you) and obviously if that's not something you want to call yourself that's perfectly fine. I don't blame you, someone shouts 'feminism'…

Be Careful Who You Bully? No.

I'm hoping this doesn't come off as a frustrated, teenage rant. When I first saw this challenge I began to think about this and more recently, my timeline has been cluttered with these posts. You probably know the sort "Everyone doing it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜© Be careful who you bully challenge πŸ‘€ post 2 pictures of yourself.. 1 old, 1 recent.. Watch how people react to your transformation😷😱😩 Copy this to your pageπŸ˜‡ " .
I was recently tagged and rather than just sit and think about it like a person probably should, I thought that if I can't use this platform to express my concerns with social media, what should I use it for?
Before I get started, I know that the vast majority didn't post these pictures in spite or are in anyway related to what this post is about, I know for a fact my friends have done it to show how they have grown and changed over the years; to be perfectly honest, I think that side of it is sweet. 
What I don't find sweet is this increasingly selectiv…

Prom 2016

Like many Year 11 students around the country, towards the beginning of July, I had a prom hosted by my school to celebrate the end of GCSEs.
Although I don't have all of the photos as I still need to get hold of some of the photos taken on the night, I thought I would share with you my experience and the few photos I do in fact have.

I had traveled back from Hexham (where my first week of NCS residential was) the night before, a day early, so I wouldn't be incredibly rushed, meaning I was able to wake up in my own bed for the first time in a week which was the height of luxury.
I went in to the bathroom to run the bath, only to discover that the electrician had turned off the boiler to work and so there was no hot water... commence emergency phone call to grandparents.
Around 9:45, my grandad came to pick me up and I washed and got ready for my make up appointment at their house - the day wasn't off to a great start but it was rectified.

I didn't trust m…

NCS and Thank You!

Before I start this I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that has read recently; this month, my blog statistics has risen a lot and I am so humbled by this.Obviously, I'm aware that to some, a couple of thousand page views is very low but when I logged on to blogger today, I was astounded at the amount of page views I had had recently and it was a little surreal - when I type up this at home, I never really think that people are actually reading it... Maybe you aren't, you just stumbled here by mistake but either way I am so grateful for all your support, both on here and on my YouTube channel ( particularly to some of the lovely commenters on recent videos; I think the internet can be a fantastic, supportive place if we use it for the right reasons and I hope you've enjoyed reading.
Speaking of using the internet for the right reasons (smooth transition, I know) as you may be aware, over the past three weeks, I've been completin…

Trying New Benefit Products

Worth the hype? NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

If you haven't heard of this product, can you really call yourself a beauty junkie? NYX has been a mythical brand sworn by by bloggers across the pond now for years - with only those Brits inquisitive enough to order online sampling some of the joys. 
HOWEVER, recently, Boots introduced NYX to some stores across the UK and on my trip to Meadowhall this morning, I was greeted by a sprawling NYX stand. Internally, I was crying. I didn't have the time nor the dedicated money to spend as I was only passing through to buy sun cream; nonetheless I couldn't resist picking up one of the much boasted Soft Matte Lip Creams to try out. 
Although I was incredibly excited (my life is thrilling indeed) I won't lie, I was expecting to be disappointed. Often, products can be overhyped online and in reality, they aren't as great as you expected... Unfortunately for my bank account, I'll probably be purchasing more of these. 
I picked up the shade Sydney as I hadn't really seen…



Life Update/ Summer Plans

First things first immarealist....

Hello again!

The sudden surge of activity on here and my YouTube channel may surprise you - for those that have stuck around, thank you for being patient and for those that are new (I've been using my fancy Google statistics thing) welcome! I hope you enjoy reading through this blog and watching my videos as much as I like making them, this is a place where I really like to de-stress and have fun!

Side note: Don't forget to subscribe/ add me on Twitter and Instagram or enter your email in the little box to the right so you get email alerts if there is a new post/video (don't worry, I can't see your email if you do)

Wow, it's raining hard outside. Welcome to the Great British summer!


I thought I would give you a little update on why I've been away and just let you know the stuff that's been going on in Elle world!

The biggest thing has been my GCSEs. That was stressful. I had 19 exams spread over a month(ish) bec…

Talking Anxiety With Amy

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Love you lots like jelly tots  Elle xxx

Talking Anxiety with Amy

Hello again
Today Amy and I filmed a few videos and the first one will be up in (hopefully) 45 minutes (around 10:30) here
We answered questions about anxiety and gave some tips, let me know what you think, this video really means a lot to me, if you haven't read my post on anxiety already, you can read it here:
Have a wonderful day,
Elle xxx
Instagram: elle_rose99

Anxiety video

You may remember around October I paired up with my good friend Amy and filmed a couple of videos - one being about LGBT in which we answered your questions/ spoke about your suggested topics (it's this one if you're confuzzled
After receiving some great feedback and some amazing questions, we decided to film another about anxiety/ panic attacks.  Again, we aren't professionals but we just thought we'd raise awareness, help people to deal with their anxiety and talk about it because mental health is something not spoken about enough and it's something that both of us have experience with. 
If you have any questions to submit/ topics you think we should cover then either email me at, leave a comment or if you know Amy or I, contact us through our social media. If you leave a comment on the LGBT video with suggestions/ questions, I'll also be able to include them. Please note that although the suggestions…

Sentimental Quotey Stuff

I won't begin to apologise for my prolonged absence, I'll do a life update in a few weeks (*makes note to self to actually do that*) but whilst I'm incredibly tired and incapable of doing revision currently, I figured I'd write this. 
In one of my mother's bedroom drawers, she has a Big Issue from 2007, one that commemorated the death of Anita Roddick, a really cool person that you should research. Anyway, every time my mum looks through the drawer, she always wants to throw it away, however, there are a few pages with quotes that she really enjoys. 
I should point out neither myself or my family are massively sentimental, we aren't the people that have framed quotes all over the walls or cardboard bookmarks and magnets with cringe-worthy sayings that have been typed in Comic Sans over a picture of flowers or seashells - you know the ones, "friends are the family we choose for ourselves" and that stuff. 
Back to the point. 
There are some times in my life…

Easter Egg Hunt!

Since I was little, the 'Easter bunny' has left clues around the house in the morning for myself and then my brother to go on a mini Easter egg hunt. Despite being 16 and 11 now, for the 'Easter bunny' 's enjoyment and the generally fun, on Easter Sunday morning (or the day before if we're going on holiday ) slightly terrible poems will be left around the house, sending us on a journey in our pyjamas around the house... And cellar... And garden. 
And so I thought I would post these amazing clues on here for a but of Easter fun to see if you can guess where the eggs were hidden, or take some inspiration for your own Easter egg hunts!
1 - in the hallway between mine and my brother's bedroom 

I told you they were awful... Answer: loft
In the potato bin

In the cellar (very cold)
On top of the kitchen cupboards (Boo is our very greedy black Labrador) 
Easter bunny ran out of creativity.... Shed was also very cold 

Egg hunts or hunts for anything I think are really f…

Mini Favourites - February

I feel as though this blog has been significantly neglected and shall be for the foreseeable future due to mild chaos in the current period of my life. I thought I would write a quick post on some of the things that I have been enjoying this month for you on this lovely Friday night at midnight (spooky) and then wake up at 6:30 in the morning to get to work - yippee! 
Air Wick Wax Melts (Summer Delights) - I don't trust myself with candles in my room on account of my ridiculous clumsiness, therefore the idea of a wax melter is highly appealing. This one in particular has a really subtle scent that still fills the room. In addition (and I accept no responsibility for accidents caused by this) by dipping your finger in to the warm wax, waiting 5 seconds for it to dry and then peeling it off, a certain sense of reminiscence from the primary school art lessons of covering your hands in PVA and peeling it off becomes apparent. 
Garnier Pure Active Micellar Water - yes, I'm a little l…

#EyesShutMakeUp - Guide Dogs

I tag you all!!

Getting Fit Easily on a Budget

There's no quick fix to getting fit and healthy, but that doesn't mean that it can't be done easily on a budget. I thought I would write this blog post to give a helping hand to those who don't want to spend £50 per month on a gym membership or £100 on a pair of leggings but still want to find a sustainable way to stay healthy.

Create a list of things that you will need.
This will obviously depend on how you plan to exercise. In my mind, however, whether it be running, dancing, Pilates or anything similar, I would say that my essential items are as follows:
Trainers -  you don't need to spend a fortune on these, don't worry. One of my biggest tips in this entire blog post is to make Decathlon your new best friend. For under £30 you'll be able to find a decent pair of trainers; don't buy something specialised at first, you always have the opportunity to buy something specific if your regime goes well. Vests / t-shirts. - personally, I prefer to wear tight…