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Mini Favourites - February

I feel as though this blog has been significantly neglected and shall be for the foreseeable future due to mild chaos in the current period of my life. 
I thought I would write a quick post on some of the things that I have been enjoying this month for you on this lovely Friday night at midnight (spooky) and then wake up at 6:30 in the morning to get to work - yippee! 

Air Wick Wax Melts (Summer Delights) - I don't trust myself with candles in my room on account of my ridiculous clumsiness, therefore the idea of a wax melter is highly appealing. This one in particular has a really subtle scent that still fills the room. In addition (and I accept no responsibility for accidents caused by this) by dipping your finger in to the warm wax, waiting 5 seconds for it to dry and then peeling it off, a certain sense of reminiscence from the primary school art lessons of covering your hands in PVA and peeling it off becomes apparent. 

Garnier Pure Active Micellar Water - yes, I'm a little late on the Micellar water bandwagon but I've not used anything other than cleansers and baby lotion to remove my make up since I was about 12 when I used the horrible, oily eye make up removers that coat your skin in a thin layer of slippery, drying liquid that refuse to get rid of all of your make up. However, I decided to finally pick this up and have been really enjoying using it, it seems to get rid of the vast majority of make up (although still not as much as a cleanser) and is great for quickly removing make up when you really cannot be bothered to trawl through the process of removing make up the long way round. 

L'Oreal Super Liner Ultra Precision - I have been a long time gel eyeliner lover. Nonetheless, it's a little time consuming and if you aren't careful, you can go from a subtle line to Amy Winehouse make up pretty quickly - not to mention it's a pain to remove. However, using this, it's really easy to evenly draw lines across the eyelid as close to the lash line as possible. One of my favourite things about this is the applicator - it is a flexible sponge and therefore is not too stiff but you don't have to worry about bristles sticking out and ruining your hard work.

Avon Nutraeffects Balance Day cream - if you watched one of my recent (ish) videos, you'll know how much I love the Elemis Hydrabalance moisturiser, however, at around £50 for a tube, it's a little pricey. However, Avon recently released a new line of face creams and this was one. This balances any oiliness on your skin to mattify whilst still hydrating; to be honest, there is very little difference between this an the Elemis cream, meaning I'm converted. 

Bourjois Velvet Matte liquid lipstick (Nudist) - this is by far the best matte lip product I have used (I'm very picky with matte lipsticks) this is very creamy and not drying but entirely matte, in fact, I would say that the adjective 'velvet' is a perfect explanation. Whilst on my pale skin tone it is quite a bold, berry toned colour, on others, it is very neutral and nude, however, I believe it would compliment all. In addition, the application (I don't bother with lip liner using this) is very easy, with the shape and size of the doe foot applicator being perfectly designed. I have heard that a new, sheer formula is being released soon which is very exciting (my life is so thrilling, right?) 

Suits - I. AM. HOOKED. Suits follows a high flying law firm in New York and has all sorts of interesting plot lines. After beginning to watch this on friends' requests, I have managed to get through nearly 2 series in around 2/3 weeks. And I get bored very easily when it comes to TV. I would particularly recommend this to John Grisham fans, I found some similarities between the series and his books. 

Alessia Cara - Here - this song has not been out of my head recently! The vocals are silky smooth and from hearing live performances, this girl has serious talent. I would highly recommend checking this out... I also apologise to my classmates who will have heard nothing but me singing this under my breath for the past month. 

Thanks for reading !
Elle xxx
Instagram: elle_rose99

* Edit: this was originally posted on 12th March 2016 but reposted on 7th June to correct typos*


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