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Easter Egg Hunt!

Since I was little, the 'Easter bunny' has left clues around the house in the morning for myself and then my brother to go on a mini Easter egg hunt. Despite being 16 and 11 now, for the 'Easter bunny' 's enjoyment and the generally fun, on Easter Sunday morning (or the day before if we're going on holiday ) slightly terrible poems will be left around the house, sending us on a journey in our pyjamas around the house... And cellar... And garden. 

And so I thought I would post these amazing clues on here for a but of Easter fun to see if you can guess where the eggs were hidden, or take some inspiration for your own Easter egg hunts!

1 - in the hallway between mine and my brother's bedroom 

I told you they were awful...
Answer: loft


In the potato bin

In the cellar (very cold)


On top of the kitchen cupboards (Boo is our very greedy black Labrador) 


Easter bunny ran out of creativity.... Shed was also very cold 

Egg hunts or hunts for anything I think are really fun ideas for any occassion; perhaps you're babysitting or going on a family picnic. When I was younger, my grandma would sometimes create treasure hunts in the woods in the summer - it doesn't have to be expensive either, my grandma would often tie ribbons around branches and we'd find a small gift at the end, often stickers or small toys. 

If you're babysitting or just looking for a wet day activity, however, hiding everyday objects is often just as fun, if we've run out of things to do whilst I'm babysitting sometimes, this is on the list of possible things to fill the time! 

I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend! Let me know any of your Easter traditions :) 

Elle xxx
Instagram: elle_rose99


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