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2016 Beauty Favourites


I thought I would compile a little collection of the beauty things that I haven't mentioned on here at all this year but I have become absolutely addicted to throughout the year (although most of these are from rather recently, particularly as I received the M&S Beauty Advent Calendar which was fantastic value for money.  I apologise for the poor picture quality - I always end up taking pictures in the dark because I'm clever 
Collab Dry Shampoo - despite the world's love affair with Batiste, I have never really liked it and its white, powdery mess; I am a fan of the Bed Head dry shampoo but at around £11 a can, it's a pricey affair. However, this year, I discovered this wonderful product that actually works and never builds up in your hair - plus, I buy it for around £1.99. I might do a similar post but for hair care in the New Year so keep an eye out for that. 
Formula Beauty (M&S) Ultimate Sleep Cream - this was a beauty advent calendar discovery that di…

2016 in Review

Before I start I wanted to thank all my readers for their support this year - I hope you had a lovely Christmas yesterday if you celebrate the occasion and if not I hope you're just having a great week.

I was drying my hair the other day and began to reflect on 2016  (my hair is very thick - I have a long time to think) eventually coming to the conclusion it has been one of the biggest years of my life so far.

I might make another post about exams because although they did dominate a lot of my year, I don't want to make this all about that period... I probably should try and forget it.
I learnt a lot in the academic year 2015/16. I remember in 2013 in Spanish writing my examination year (2016) at the top of my coursework and thinking the time would never come, and, to an extent even in Year 11, I didn't really take it in that GCSEs were happening, it was all a bit surreal. Perhaps a good comparison would be Christmas when you were little. You build it up all year an…