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Prom 2016

Like many Year 11 students around the country, towards the beginning of July, I had a prom hosted by my school to celebrate the end of GCSEs.
Although I don't have all of the photos as I still need to get hold of some of the photos taken on the night, I thought I would share with you my experience and the few photos I do in fact have.

I had traveled back from Hexham (where my first week of NCS residential was) the night before, a day early, so I wouldn't be incredibly rushed, meaning I was able to wake up in my own bed for the first time in a week which was the height of luxury.
I went in to the bathroom to run the bath, only to discover that the electrician had turned off the boiler to work and so there was no hot water... commence emergency phone call to grandparents.
Around 9:45, my grandad came to pick me up and I washed and got ready for my make up appointment at their house - the day wasn't off to a great start but it was rectified.

I didn't trust myself to do my own make up so I decided to book in at Embellish, a hair and makeup studio about 25 minutes from where I live. Lauren, the lady that did my make-up was lovely, she spoke to me about each step and we put together a look that I really liked -initially I was concerned that my make up wouldn't last as the appointment was at 11:30 and prom wasn't until 7 but everything lasted long after prom ended at midnight. The eye make- up consisted of a neutral, brown and cream eye with a pop of purple on the lower lash line to match my dress and a slight wing on the eyeliner to hide the band on the false lashes. Although I can't remember everything, I know that on my face was a MAC full coverage foundation (which was a much better match than I expected as I'm so pale and once I'd added a little translucent powder, matched perfectly well) and then bronzer, Anastasia Beverley Hills highlighter (first taste of this and I'm in love) and some MAC powder.
My lips were slightly overdrawn with nude lipstick and then gloss applied but as this did wear off, I ended up wearing my trusty Avon 'Pout' with the Sexy Mother Pucker gloss in 'Rose and Shine' (which created a very similar effect) and didn't overdraw my lips as I just couldn't get used to looking in the mirror and my face looking so different - they didn't look overdrawn (the make up artist was very talented) but I really couldn't get used to it.
My grandparents and I ate lunch in a nearby garden centre where I have to admit I felt a little silly as I was in incredibly casual clothes with messy hair (I was doing it just before prom to avoid any falling) but a face of heavy make up surrounded by old people eating paninis. But oh well.

I came home and painted my nails - I used Essie's Fiji with a silver glitter on each ring finger (it was a Nail's Inc one but I can't remember the name for the life of me) and used my gel topcoat and UV light from Ciate (mentioned in my December favourites video I believe) and then finally got on to my hair.
I curled my hair with straighteners and then plaited the front sections and pinned them back, nothing too difficult - it wasn't dissimilar to my hair in my latest Trying Benefit Products video. All I had to do then was put on my dress, shoes and jewellery.

The evening itself was highly enjoyable - everybody seemed to have a fantastic time. We began with dinner and then around 10 people went on to the dancefloor. The school had also hired photographers which was nice so we could buy decent pictures rather than slightly blurry selfies.

Thanks for reading, I'll hopefully be posting more now I've finished NCS

I hope you all enjoyed your proms - any suggestions for blog posts or videos let me know,
Elle xxx

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Instagram: ellerosepics


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