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Jack Wills Weekend Essentials Gift Set

I have to admit, I am overly excited by this product(s). Jack Wills are well known for their amazing quality clothing and accessories but also do very well with their cosmetic ranges at Christmas time in Boots. Last year, I bought a few friends various Jack Wills products and it went down a hit!
 When both fashion and beauty come together in this gift set, it's enough to make a girl (young or old) drool -  it's definitely one for the Christmas list!

First of all, let's take a moment to appreciate this back pack. Everything comes in this super convenient bag that would be perfect for school, work or shopping! Everything seems very sturdy, it fits folders in nicely and is comfortable to wear. Plus, it looks incredibly cute yet sophisticated with the classic Jack Wills logo and tartan print. 

Front left: water bottle, body polisher, Hope Cove Body Butter, Lotion, Wash and Scrub

Inside the rucksack are 4 full size products from the Jack Wills body range in their signature, Hope Cove scent. Also, the set comes with a handy sports bottle and body polisher (I'm ALWAYS in need of a new one of these!). 

The set itself is £50, except I believe it is currently on offer at Boots, even at RRP, however, I think the set is a fabulous price as I would expect the rucksack alone to be more than that. Overall, the set would make a wonderful present for all lovers of the 'Fabulously British' brand. Although, I expect these to fly off the shelves so hurry! 

What's on your Christmas list this year?
Lots of love
Elle xxx


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