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Bold and Bright: Summer Lipsticks for the Sunshine

Summer is finally here in the UK, we've had some beautiful, sunny days.
One of my favourite things to do in the summer is to play with bright and beautiful lip colours and so I thought I would compile a short list some of my favourite, affordable lipsticks to brighten your days over the coming months.

PS - my camera wasn't showing the colour of the swatches very well so I had to use my iPad to take picture swatches so the quality isn't great. PPS - the pictures were taken after 12 hrs of make up wearing so it's not looking great but my eye make up is a combination of Trick, Liar and Factory from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette combined with the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara.

I could've picked so many but I tried to pick a small representation so it's not too overwhelming:
From left: NYX Cosmic Metals Speed of Light, Colorpop Poppin', Revlon Lip Butter 'Tutti Frutti', Avon 'Rapid Rose', NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Sydney'  

NYX Cosmic Metals
This is a recent purchase of mine and I think it would be perfect for summer parties and festivals but could also be used everyday,which is what I've been doing. It's metallic and only £7 which is a whole lot less than the Kylie Jenner Metallic Mattes if you're looking for something unique to wear this summer. It's perfect for the golden goddess look and can turn a natural make up look in to something truly outstanding. It isn't particularly sticky despite being glossy yet I would say the only downside is that it does transfer and when eating and drinking does last particularly long. However, it is easy to apply and for the effect and price, I'm willing to reapply a few times throughout the day.

Colorpop Lipstixx
I'll keep this short and sweet as I've already reviewed this lipstick here a little. The bold colour screams summer and is the perfect hot pink; it's ridiculously pigmented and easy to slip in your handbag in it's long, thin tube. Even for paler skin tones such as myself, this doesn't look out of place and really does bring out any (fake or real) tan that we'll hopefully all be getting in the next  few months. My only complaint about this is that it is a little hard to apply alone as it is so intense and any mistakes are glaringly obvious ( a lipliner and brush should fix this though)nonetheless, due to being matte, it stays put for a good few hours before needing a top up.

Revlon Lip Butter

Yep, I'm still not over these  lip butters! If you're looking for something a little more subtle and moisturising, I couldn't recommend these more. This orange suits a wide variety of skin tones, is comfortable to wear and is surprisingly pigmented. I tend to gravitate towards these on a day to day basis when I don't want to be topping up my lipstick throughout the day, it applies just like a lip balm and fades evenly when it begins to come off. At £7,99, I've found these are ideal for school and handbags to quickly add a splash of colour and moisture throughout the day.

Avon Ultra Colour Bold
I won't lie, in the grand tradition of Avon, this lipstick appeared to be an everyday nude pink in the directory. However, low and behold, when it arrived, perhaps due to how pale I am, it appeared to be more on the coral side of pink. Nonetheless, this lipstick is still a fantastic summery, satin formula, perhaps a little bit more wearable and 'grown up' than the others featured. I love Avon lipsticks, the first make up item I ever owned was their lipstick in the shade Pout - 10 years and 6 tubes later, it's still a go to. They are pigmented but not obnoxious; aren't drying nor too sticky; last a reasonable amount of time and don't cost the Earth.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
Ok, so this has already had a whole post dedicated to it but I thought it was worth a mention nonetheless. This Barbie pink shade is cute and (reasonably) subtle if you aren't willing to go full out in the lip department this summer. Lightweight and long lasting, it doesn't need constant topping up and if you do find yourself getting  a little brave, it layers easily without flaking. Plus (and this is my favourite part) it is incredibly easy to apply accurately with the doe foot applicator.

I hope you've enjoyed this short but sweet blog post; enjoy the sun but stay safe!
Until next time,
Elle xxx


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