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Hoola Lite and Dandelion Twinkle

If you're a regular visitor to this blog, you'll know what a fan of Benefit products I am. Recently, Benefit seem to have been expanding their most successful Box o Powders in to their own lines; last year we saw 'Dew the Hoola' and 'Dandelion Dew' amongst others and this year these two have graced the shelves of Benefit counters.

If you haven't noticed, I'm incredibly pale and have to consider this when applying my make up; therefore when I saw these, I couldn't wait to try them - Dandelion Twinkle is a light pink powder highlighter while Hoola Lite is (quite obviously) a lighter, cooler toned version of their popular matte bronzer/contouring powder Hoola. Both of these sounded perfect for paler skin or a minimal makeup look.

I did try to swatch these but as they are both quite light, it was too difficult to give an accurate representation - although this isn't a negative, it just means that they blend well.

Hoola Lite
First up, the bronzer. I have used the original Hoola everyday for a few years now and although I do love it, I have to buff it in with a powder or buffing brush so it isn't too stark a contrast against the rest of my skin. However, this version suited my skin much better. It is slightly ashier and not as orange/ warm toned as the original Hoola powder is. Although the brush provided is very good, I used a Real Techniques contour brush and lightly dusted it under my cheekbones to stop my face from looking too 2D after I'd applied my foundation and powder and it worked well to add definition.

One thing I would say, however, is that I'm not sure I'd buy this if you want a bronzer to actually create a sunkissed look rather than a chiselled one - it does appear to be more of a contour powder and so looks slightly grey when applied elsewhere - nonetheless, if you're looking for a contour powder for fair skin, this is the perfect product.

Quick tip: when doing a natural makeup look, Hoola works well swept across the eyelid or in the crease to add definition. I've not tried that yet with this but I will do so and update.

Dandelion Twinkle
I find Benefit highlights a bit hit and miss. I use High Beam daily but don't think Watts Up! is particularly pigmented. However, I've never tried one of their powder highlighters and was pleasantly surprised. It isn't the Instagram worthy, shining-into-space ABH highlighters that are all over social media. Instead, it's a subtle, wearable powder that is finely milled so doesn't have huge, glittery pieces in but doesn't look like a stripe of glossy paint across your cheek.

Today I wanted a slightly dewier finish but due to the heat needed to ensure everything stayed in place. Consequently, I used this powder to set my High Beam rather than alone, however, I did try it later to highlight alone and it created a pretty, subtle glow. I'm not sure how this would look on other skin tones, my mum has slightly more tanned skin than I do and it didn't stand out quite as much so perhaps it is more suited to fair skin but I would definitely recommend going to test it at a Benefit
counter before ruling it out all together.

Hope you found this useful, both products are £24.50 RRP and are now available in the UK

See you soon,
Elle xxx

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